Wednesday, July 30, 2008

101 things in 1001 days

yesterday thedalyn brought up an idea that she saw online. make a list of 101 things that you'd like to accomplish, and do those things within 1001 days of starting. this basically amounts to 3 years. or one thing on your list every 10 days. numerous people have done this already, and i'm guessing there's all kinds of books and planners and things to buy. of course, these things will help you make your list, and may help organize and prioritize the things on it, but it won't get them done. that's sort of the point of the list in the first place, i think.
anyway, i'm still compiling my list. i'll post it here as soon as it's done. number 23 on the list is blog for 30 days in a row. i created this blog ages ago, (just looked it up, and apparently i created it in 2005) with the hopes of actually doing some regular writing, keeping friends and family up to date with what's going on in my world, finding other like minded folks, etc. as you can tell from the fact that this is the first post, that never really happened. until now.
some of the things on the list are things that i would like to do repeatedly for a finite amount of time. (number 43 is cook dinner for 30 days in a row.) some are big, one time things. (number 1, sell the car.) some are things i will have to work towards, and eventually achieve (numbers 34 and 36, learn flash, and create a flash game.) some are things i'll need to do repeatedly, in the hopes of making them a habit (number 23, blog once a day for 30 days.)

thedalyn is waiting until august 1st to start her list, officially. i figured i'd get started now, so as not to let her get ahead. she's sneaky that way. actually, i've been trying to figure out a way to get this blog rolling, and waiting for an appropriate time/threshold/some defining moment that gets me writing. i tend to put big behavioral changes off until i have some big reason to change. you know, cos blogging big behavioral change... i guess i just have delusions of grandeur, and want to make this a regular thing in the hopes of making my writing better, getting ideas onto paper, so to speak, and just plain old edification.

no more putting off. it's time for some edification.

hopefully i'll have the list finished soon, and will post it when i do.


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thedalyn said...

I am not sneaky, but I am glad that you're blogging. I'm looking forward to reading your delusions of grandeur. And, I'm looking forward to seeing you accomplish some of that list.