Thursday, January 27, 2005

another day. just like yesterday. prolly like tomorrow.

i watched napolean dynamite last night. i feel stupider for having watched it. is that gonna be the "better off dead" for kids who graduate in 8 years? lord i hope not. i think it hit a little too close to home, in that i was about two social ladder steps away from (i hesitate to use the word "above") that kid.
i also watched cinemania, and that one made me feel better about myself. altho i could see myself in some of those people. not myself now, but myself if i had not chosen some of the things in my life that i have. not so much that i would turn into one of those people, but i remember the compulsive need when going to a show to purchase one of each piece of merch from whatever crappy band i had just seen.
and i played on the internet.


i sent josh said movies. i feel less stupider knowing he's more informed about teh current generations ("gen y" aka the "entitlement generation") obsessions, keeps him in step with the kids, the spooky kooks, the hot topic pukes... although it's entirely unnessessary from a certain POV, yet from another it's mildy, mutedly fun to know where people who are the age we were ten years ago stand on crap. youth culture wise. i loved ND. it represents the late 80's/early 90's mentality i was exposed to living around rural hicks in michigan (you heard me right, MI. SO many hicks. bingo ringo.) the director of that movie is apparently my age and culled from his own life experences to create the characters and situations in the movie, things i related to instantly... so why does josh wonder if the current crop of mop tops will see ND as their "saint elmos fire"? "better off dead" wasn't a nostalgic movie at teh time it was made. and although it didnt overly rely on thses factors, it certainly featured all current (for then) actors, music, pop culture references and most importantly, slang. ND goes out of its way to be dated. which is easily when a film takes place in a rural setting where the cosmo trappings of worldly. ... ...

Posted by carl on Jul 9, 2005 12:31 PM
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....urbanites makes less of a mark on the cultural landscape of the people, thusly giving the i have lost track of what i was talking about. josh and i made a noise record together.

Posted by carl on Jul 9, 2005 12:36 PM
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