Tuesday, July 05, 2005

trash and junk

i have too many bikes. why is it that i keep bringing them home? i'mma try and take some of the trashed bikes back to the dump this weekend. we'll see.
i'm sure the roommates are tired of the pile pf wheels and random metal beside the house.
when i'm in the garage cutting apart/bolting together some new bike(s), and my housemates walk by, they can't help but sing the sanford and son theme. what are they trying to tell me?
you wouldn't believe the crap people throw away. yes you would. if you're reading this, i've prolly told you all about the turntables i liberated from the storage unit, the numerous bicycles rescued from the scrap metal recycle center(See above) and all the cases of bananas my dumpstering portland friends and i would bring home.


yes i would believe what could be found in teh trash, be it bike parts, or human heart parts, as jcpenny is wont to rejoined: it's all inside. and now back to the heart parts bit.
josh is a great heart part picker upper and soother. give him a hug when you see him, especially if you are a girl, then give him three hard ones where you really sandwich him like a mother. show him who is cock of the walk in terms of hug thugs. and make him some chips, he'll provide the bodacious, salacious salsa. and before you're even aware of it you'll be on the phone with mom about the new grown ass man in your life. and not becasue he has a deluxe size pehtooty booty, he does, but becaseu you're already in the labour ward having the first of the millions of his babys you'll be happily mothering. in your mind.ok ladies.

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